It Works Reviews 2022: Products | Sign-Ups | Legit or Scam?

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It Works Reviews 2022: Products | Sign-Ups | Legit or Scam?

Sarah informed me one day through Instagram, inquiring whether the attempt had inspired me. It works for items, and I consented to get some hair nutrients.

I assumed I was getting one container for $33 (overrated; however, whatever, I was attempting to help a companion), yet without acknowledging it, I joined as a “devoted client,” which naturally charged $33 each month for a very long time.

To cancel these charges costs $50. Meanwhile, the It Works website will not allow you to remove credit card information before completing the three months.

This is a review of It Works from an aggrieved customer!

Now, hear the story of Mark and Cindy, It Works founders.

Mark was a secondary school maths educator and b-ball mentor in Allegan, Michigan. Cindy was a housewife with three youngsters.

They were wealthy in adoration and loaded up with dreams; however, battling to earn enough to pay the bills monetarily.

Imprint and Cindy formulated an arrangement to procure an additional $500 a month through a locally situated business opportunity.

The story proceeds to shape It Works!

The story goes on to form It Works!

I wonder how a company found to bring relief turned into a scam!

About It Works

Mark B.Pentecost and Cindy Pentecost are the founder and CEOs of It Works. It started in 2001.

He says it is an industry-leading beauty and nutrition company that empowers people to live the life of their dreams.

It has badged some awards like the 3XINC 500 honorary award, Direct Selling News 2018 best places to work, and the global 100.

A company with three headquarters in Palmetto, Florida, Dublin, Ireland, and Seoul, South Korea, doesn’t look like a scam.

There is even an annual income disclosure statement on their website. How many companies have that?

Similarly, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), It Works! has received a C+ rating. As of January 2021, 258 total customer reviews were posted, and 469 customer complaints and twenty-ten hundred complaints have been closed in the past 12 months.

Yes, you guessed right. I am impressed with their portfolio. What about their products? You’ll find out in due cause.

Lastly, It Works! is a multi-level marketing company offering many products, including beauty and nutrition.

Do you want to know about the specific products they offer, read along with us!

It Works Products Review

As we mentioned, the products at It Works range from beauty to nutrition. You’ll see products including slimming body wraps, greens powders, skincare treatments, essential oils, KetoWorks supplements, and Lifestyle probiotics and shakes.

The products were made to help promote weight loss, tighten and tone the skin, enhance beauty, boost physical performance, and improve overall health and wellness.

Specifically, some of the products include the following.

  • Keto Coffee
  • Skinny Brew
  • Thermofight X
  • Keto Tea
  • Sleepy Tea
  • Refresh Daily Cleansing Gel
  • Repair Ageless Night Cream
  • Protect Ageless Day Cream
  • Dr. Nassif Targeted Solutions like Firming Neck Treatment, Illuminating Facial pads.
  • Carb Control
  • Cleanse
  • Ultimate Body Applicator
  • Hair Skin Nails
  • Advanced Formula Fatfighter
  • Defining Gel
  • Super Greens and Super Reds
  • Collagen works
  • Stretch Mark
  • Lip & Eye
  • Energy
  • Probiotic

The list we gave above is not complete as there are numerous products. But, here is the category of the product It Works has:

Don’t let the excellent design deceive you; customers complain that these products are overpriced and bootless.

How Does It Works Work?

You can either become a distributor or join as a loyal customer with It Works.

As a loyal customer, you can buy It Works products from Wrap and get a 40% discount.

Although the company has a 30-day product return policy, some of the It Works customer reviews have bothered on this policy. The complaints are that the company’s customer service is relatively uncultured. In cases of refunds, many customers do not get their refund, and those who do, get only half. Customers who cancel orders get $50 deducted from their accounts.

You have to sign up on It work for the distributors before becoming one.

Again, you need a business mentor to work as a distributor. The company can connect you with one, or you provide the information of a distributor while registering.

Share your links with others, build your teammate, let others purchase products through your link, and build your business up.

How can I Make Money From It Works?

To make money from It Works, you need to become a distributor.

When you join as a provider, you get the business engineer pack to help you meet all prerequisites for a speedy starting prize.

The benefit is that you get a personalized It Works website and an eSuite. These are free for the first month, and subsequently, you pay a monthly subscription fee.

The company also gives you a promo code for 10% off It Works apparel, accessories, or business tools. Then, you get a digital starter kit to work from home.

So how exactly do I get money?

As a distributor, you earn a 10% commission for every loyal customer who shops.

In addition, you can also grow your network by registering people under you and earning. You earn for anybody who purchases any product using your link.

Earning can start instantly after you register.

Is It a Works Scam or Legit?

This is one of the questions potential customers usually ask – is It Works scam or legit? And before we give a final verdict on this, we will allow you to read the It Works reviews by users. While some were gotten from its website, others are from other platforms.

We took a blend of these not to give a biased view. And as you know, no manufacturer will speak evil of his products even when the customers complain.

Here is the It Works review.

#1 Review

Because of It Works!, I’ve gone entirely debt-free! I was able to leave a job that kept me away from home nine months out of the year, including holidays. Remarkable things happen when you are available to learn and develop and forget about stopping!

Chelsea C. From Pensacola, FL

#2 Review

 It Works! was an answer to a prayer. I was stressed about money, had a family to support, and needed extra income. Now I can buy gas and pay bills, and my student loans will be paid off in the next three months! Thanks to our excellent products, I spend another summer lean, muscular, energized, and healthier. 

Kelly L. From Ossining, NY

#3 Review

I have been taking the term fight x for two months, seeing no results. It took me forever to navigate their site, and then I realized you have to put a ticket in to cancel. I explained to them my disappointment since I was told I would lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Not happening! I asked to cancel my order and was told I would be charged $50; this company is a scam! Products don’t work, and you have to pay them when you want to cancel. Very disappointed in the creation and company.

Christina Brooks

#4 Review

I do not have a hazy idea of where to begin with, this organization. The first product I ordered was the Hair Skin and Nails, which made me so nauseous and sick that I needed to return them. I contacted the representative, who told me that she said that I needed you to put in a ticket. I’m like, I don’t understand why you can’t return them. Go to send them back. They’re telling me they will charge me $50 for canceling my subscription early. So I sent you my representative, and I will try another product. I tried the skinny coffee. They charged my account back on October 16th and still have not received the product, and now it’s art on November 11th. I have to let them know they don’t even charge me anymore because I don’t want anything.

Lisa Jane. From Trustpilot

#5 Review

I started this product, and shortly after, I started having thyroid issues (not product-related). My doctor advised I discontinue It Works because of the medication she put me on. So, I contacted the company and knew I would have to pay the membership fee because I canceled before the 90-day trial, so I spent the cost and got a partial refund.

In the meantime, they did not shut off my auto-ship as stated, and I was charged and received another shipment of monthly products. I did not open the package, requested a refund, and mailed it immediately at my expense. After two weeks, I finally got a refund, but it is only partial again. I just tried to live chat with Jay, and he disconnected me. I am beyond mad and disappointed in this company, and you cannot get a hold of a live person as there is no phone number listed on their website!


Our verdict

As we mentioned earlier, only a manufacturer will not see anything wrong with his company even when the faults are glaring.

It Works’ positive reviews that show it is legit and not a scam is from the distributors only. The ex-distributors didn’t have any praise for the company.

The customers complained of poor customer service, superflux charges, and shipping of products even when they had canceled orders and subscriptions. One said,” the products don’t just work!”

Considering that every business exists to fulfill customer needs, we advise anybody going into It Works to look before he leaps. It may be a mirage for all I know.


Customers reviewed that It Works products do not work!

We might be tempted to agree with them because there is a disclaimer on the website after listing products that say ‘The Food and Drug Administration has not assessed these explanations. This item isn’t expected to analyze, treat, fix or forestall any illness. I wouldn’t know the meaning of the statement, but if the products weren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, what exactly are they meant for? We will leave you to answer that. Is It a Works scam or legit? Truthfully, I wouldn’t know.

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