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Like in every other game, the achievement or disappointment of a school b-ball group relies upon the nature of its mentor. However, there’s no decent mentor without excellent compensation. We will look at the 15 most generously compensated school b-ball mentors, their groups, and their compensation/pay.

Highest Paid College Basketball Coaches

Do College Basketball Coaches Get Paid Well?

When lesser establishments’ compensations are incorporated, the average salary for mentors will probably be under $100,000.

The high wages of the 40 top-paying NCAA foundations, all of which pay their head ball mentors $1 at least a million, slant the typical considerably higher.

While million-dollar wages are prevalent in professional sports, they are uncommon in higher education, where adjunct teachers and professors make anywhere from $20,000 to $126,000 per year.

How much do College Basketball Coaches Get Paid?

As of 2019, the typical compensation for coaches at colleges and universities is $46,180, as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

On the other hand, coaches of Division I basketball teams can earn substantially more, with several making six and seven figures.

For what reason do College Basketball Coaches Get Paid So Much?

Since “star mentors” are utilized to draw in the best players. In contrast to proficient ones, school clubs can’t tempt gifted players with the commitment of considerable compensation. All things being equal, competitors select schools given the accessibility of great arenas and different conveniences and admittance to mentors with a history of setting graduates in professional associations.

Who is the highest-paid female college basketball coach?

Geno Auriemma, the lead trainer of the University of Connecticut ladies’ b-ball group, is the most generously compensated female school ball mentor.

He, as of late, expanded his agreement until the 2024-25 season.

Auriemma’s base wage will be $600,000 per year, with additional remuneration for speaking, consulting, and media duties totaling $2.2 million in 2020-21, with an annual rise of $100,000.

Who are the highest-paid college basketball coaches?

Here is the list of the fifteen Highest-Paid College Basketball Coaches.

  • #1 John Calipari
  • #2 Mike Krzyzewski
  • #3 Mick Cronin
  • #4 Rick Barnes
  • #5 Chris Beard
  • #6 Jay Wright
  • #7 Bob Uzzo
  • #8 Roy Williams
  • #9 Chris Mark
  • #10 Bill Self
  • #11 Bob Huggins
  • #12 Buzz Williams
  • #13 Bruce Pearl
  • #14 Larry Krystkowiak
  • #15 Jamie Dixon

#1 John Calipari:

When he resigned, Calipari marked a “lifetime” contract with Kentucky in April 2019, which incorporated a 10-year training expansion and a lifetime paid ambassadorship.

In the wake of driving Massachusetts and Memphis to Final Fours of 1996 and 2009, Calipari has forced Kentucky to four Final Fours, including the 2012 title.

Calipari was perhaps the earliest mentor to advocate the “limited time offer” reasoning, marking high-profile players who might quit for the NBA after one season.

Kentucky has 25 players in the principal round of the NBA draft under Calipari’s supervision from 2002 to 2018.

He gets an all-out pay of $8,158,000 each season.

#2 Mike Krzyzewski:

Getting an occasional complete compensation of $7,256,924, Krzyzewski (prominently known as Coach K) has been a mentor at Duke starting around 1980. Presently, he is one of the university b-ball’s dignitaries.

The Blue Devils have approached out on top for five public titles and 12 Final Fours under Coach K’s initiative.

With more than 1,000 triumphs, he has been the most dominating mentor in Division I men’s ball in the past. Krzyzewski has said that the two thousand twenty-two (2022) season holding will be his last at Duke, and he will resign toward the finish of the time.

#3 Mick Cronin:

After an enormously influential residency at Cincinnati, Cronin took over at UCLA in 2019, getting $5,500,000.

In 13 seasons with him as a mentor, Bearcats had nine NCAA Tournament appearances.

Cronin has gotten a reward as high as $300,000. In 2019, he turned into the UCLA Bruins’ fourteenth lead trainer. At that point, Cronin, 47 years of age, has the most NCAA Division I wins (365) of any dynamic mentor under 50.

#4. Rick Barnes:

Getting a complete compensation of $4,700,000, Barnes has been the lead trainer starting around 1987. A portion of the spots he was a lead trainer incorporates George Mason, Providence, Clemson, Texas, and Tennessee.

He has shown up in the NCAA Tournament multiple times, remembering a Final Four billet with Texas for 2003.

Tennessee will return to the NCAA Tournament this year to add one more appearance to his resume.

Nearly as high as his compensation, Barnes has gotten a reward as high as $3,000,000.

#5 Chris Beard:

Getting a complete compensation of $4,443,000, Beard has been the lead trainer at Texas Tech beginning around 2016. In 2019, his group completed as a sprinter up in the Elite Eight.

His extra has ascended to as high as $500,000.

He is on a six-year contract bargain worth more than $4.5 million for every season on April 29, 2019, making him the USA’s fifth-most generously compensated school ball mentor.

#6 Jay Wright:

Getting a complete compensation of $4,410,304, Wright, noted for his faultless suits uninvolved, has been at Villanova beginning around 2001, driving the Wildcats to the 2016 public title and 2009 Final Four.

The Wildcats guaranteed a portion of the ordinary season title for the third sequential season with an 11-4 meeting record, fixing it with success over Creighton on March 3, 2022.

#7 Bob Izzo:

Getting an all-out pay of $ $4,191,070, Izzo, the Big Ten’s longest-serving mentor, has an extensive history of progress with the Spartans.

He brought home the public title in 2000 and has driven Michigan State to eight Final Four appearances. Izzo’s rewards had ascended as high as $600,000.

He holds the record for the most Big Ten Tournament titles (six).

Izzo is second all-time in Big Ten successes, trailing closely behind just Bob Knight (311 through 2022).

#8 Roy Williams:

Getting an all-out pay of $4,102,409, Williams, who played for the Tar Heels and functioned as a collaborator under prestigious mentor Dean Smith, has made a permanent imprint on the program.

Williams moved to North Carolina in 2003 after a long vacation at Kansas, where he drove the Jayhawks to two next in line wraps up.

With the Heels, the coach has won three national championships. Williams’ bonuses have risen as high as $1,024,617.

#9 Chris Mark:-

Mack is on a seven-year contract that pays about $4 million to turn into the following lead trainer at the University of Louisville on March 27, 2018.

Chris’ Louisville ball group was appraised #1 in the country for quite a long time in December 2019, preceding floundering and losing three of their next five games.

He gets a compensation of $4,067,494, and his rewards have ascended to as high as $475,000.

#10 Bill Self:

Right now, getting the compensation of $3,985,857, Self has been the lead trainer at Kansas since 2003 and has had a lot of progress.

The Jayhawks brought home the public title in 2008 and progressed to the Final Four in 2012 and 2018. Under Self, Kansas has built the NCAA Tournament reliably.

Self-marked a lifetime manage Kansas on April 2, 2021. After the initial five years, an additional year will naturally be added to the agreement, continuing until he resigns or kicks the bucket.

#11 Bob Huggins:

Receiving a total pay of $3,950,000, Huggins, dubbed “Huggy Bear,” is one of just ten head coaches with 800 or more victories.

He led Cincinnati to 14 NCAA Tournament appearances between 1989 and 2005, including a Final Four appearance in 1992.

Huggins went to West Virginia after one season at Kansas State. Since this move, he will lead the Mountaineers to the 10th NCAA Tournament appearance this year.

#12 Buzz Williams:

Williams receives a total pay of $3,843,182 seasonally.

After successful spells at Marquette and Virginia Tech, Williams transferred to Texas A&M in 2019.

In his 13 years as a head coach, he has been to eight NCAA Tournaments. Williams left Virginia Tech on April 3, 2019, to take the same position at Texas A&M.

#13 Bruce Pearl:

Currently, getting a total compensation of $3,840,366, Pearl is at Auburn after serving a three-year NCAA suspension that banished him from training. Under him, the Tigers showed up at NCAA Tournament in the two seasons.

He is the second-quickest mentor in history to arrive at 300 triumphs, requiring just 382 games.

In the principal round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, Pearl’s Auburn crew barely furious #12 seed New Mexico State 78-77.

At that point, Reddish-brown crushed #4 seed Kansas 89-75 to arrive at the Sweet Sixteen without precedent for 16 years.

#14 Larry Krystkowiak:

Krystkowiak receives a total seasonal pay of $3,762,876.

Since 2011, the former NBA player has taken Utah on two NCAA Tournament trips.

Krystkowiak was nominated for the 2013 National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame Class.

In Troy, Michigan, on June 21, 2018, Krystkowiak was inducted as a member of the Class of 2018 into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame.

He was, however, fired from Utah.

#15 Jamie Dixon:

Dixon receives a total seasonal pay of $3,423,401.

After a successful time at Pitt, Dixon returned to his alma mater, TCU, in 2016. He guided the Horned Frogs to an NCAA Tournament trip, an NIT Championship, and the Panthers to Eleven NCAA Tournament appearances in 13 seasons.

For the 1st time in twenty years, the school made the NCAA Tournament in 2017–18. Dixon led them to their third consecutive 20-win season the following season.

What is Coach K Salary?

In 2018, coach K made more than $7 million, and his salary at Duke matches his legendary Career. Even though the required figures are unknown, Mike Krzyzewski, an American college basketball coach, has a net worth of $45 million and an annual salary of $9.7 million.

This makes him the highest-paid coach in basketball.

What is John Calipari’s Salary?

John Calipari was one of the highest-paid basketball coaches in 2021. John Calipari’s salary is $8 million following a ten-year, $86 million contract extension in June 2019.

Currently, he is the University of Kentucky Wildcats coach.

How much is Tom Izzo’s Salary?

Tom Izzo’s salary is $3 million per season, making him one of the highest-paid basketball coaches in the world. He is the central coach at the Michigan State University NCAA men’s college basketball team.

Celebrity net worth opines that he has garnered a net worth of $13 million. This year, he ranks near the top among Division I head coaches in his total pay. Tom Izzo’s base salary is $436, 727 but he earns $3.09 million in supplemental income.

FAQS on highest-paid college basketball coaches

What is the center salary of a college basketball coach?

The run-of-the-mill remuneration of a school b-ball tutor is $100,000, considering the vast number of guides who get low wages. Nonetheless, a lot gets north of 1,000,000 occasionally.

Who is the highest-paid college basketball coach?

Mentor John Calipari of Kentucky is the most generously compensated mentor, with $8,158,000 each season.

Which school pays their basketball coach the most?

Kentucky pays the highest to coaches, paying coach John Calipari $8,158,000 every season. However, in terms of bonuses, Tennessee is the highest paying, paying its coach, Rick Barnes, $3,000,000 in prizes every season.

Are college basketball coaches paid hourly?

The pay rates of school b-ball mentors are determined per season. Be that as it may, the all-out per season can be separated to view as the hourly same.

How much does a Women’s College Basketball Coach earn? 

ZipRecruiter indicates that the typical yearly pay for a Women’s College Basketball Coach is $37,085.


Because players come and go, high-profile coaches like Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski and Michigan State’s Tom Izzo are frequently the most well-known programs.

Although the top names on the list of college basketball’s highest-paid coaches are well-known, some other characters will surprise you.

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