8 Places Where you can Sell Broken TV for Cash in 2022

Looking to sell broken TV for cash?

Sell Broken TV for Cash in 2022

What will you do to your flatscreen TV, assuming it has a broken screen? You’ll either fix or discard it, correct?

Discussing fix, the expense of fixing a flatscreen, as a rule, is significantly more than supplanting it anyway; I surmise you’d prefer to go for another TV, be that as it may; what befalls the wrecked one? Have you thought about where you can sell broken television from your home at any sharp end?

Let me stun you; in 2011, the Wall Street Journal detailed that Americans burn $1.2 trillion on things and administrations they needn’t bother with.

Whether your television has a broken screen, flawed LCD, or won’t turn on, you can, in any case, put it available to be purchased, and you wouldn’t believe the amount you can get for that television with a messed up screen.

Before the Internet, if you needed to sell new or utilized things, you were restricted to nearby carport deals, swap meets, marketplaces, or transfer shops. Presently, you can sell your items essentially anyplace all over the planet.

We have created a rundown of 8 spots you can sell your wrecked television for cash. These assets make it quick, simple, and reasonable to deal with old or broken gadgets on the web.

Perhaps the main thing to recollect when you sell a messed-up television for cash is to give precise insights concerning the television’s condition. This incorporates telling the reusing program that the tv is broken.

The particular subtleties you should give rely upon the recycler, yet as a rule, you might have to express that the television has only a couple of scratches, a harmed screen, or a Faulty

Before taking a gander at where you can sell your messed-up television, you ought to look at the accompanying four things to break down the state of your gadget;

  • Is the screen broken or not working?
  • Does the tv switch on?
  • Do the microphone and speakers work?

Where Can We Sell our Broken TV Near Me?

The following are the spots you can get the best offered for your messed-up TV.

#8. Television Repair Shops

TV fix shops are perhaps the best spot to sell broken television for cash. Everything you do is to call a TV repairer near you and ask whether they purchase broken TVs, and the sum you get may be worth the effort.

#7. Facebook Marketplace

There’s nothing that you can’t sell nearly and everything at a Facebook Marketplace. To sell a wrecked TV, basically click “Commercial center” aside from your news channel, then select “Selling” and snap “Selling Something” near the foundation of the page.

Starting there, you can enter specific information, for instance, worth, region, and the condition of your TV.

Transfer several photos, and view your post some other time by clicking “Selling” in the upper left corner of the Marketplace page.

#6. ecoATM

This is an incredible choice if you’re not worried about evaluating. ecoATM works across the country and is usually situated in retail outlets, strip shopping centers, or other exceptionally dealt regions for simple entry.

You can store your wrecked or undesirable gadgets in advantageous areas for prompt cashback. 

#5. Decluttr

At Decluttr, you can sell anything electronic ranging from cell phones, CDs, DVDs, to games. You put in the barcode, and they will give you an offer immediately. You then mail the item to them, they send you the money, and you’re done.

Declutter allows you to sell broken tv for cash from the comfort of your home.

#4. GadgetScouter

GadgetScouter doesn’t buy your messed up or old thing straightforwardly. They have a cost correlation instrument that incorporates statements from sellers who will.

When you finish up the essential insights about your device, they will look through various destinations and let you know which offers the best cost. GadgetScouter is free to use.

#3. eBay

eBay is an extraordinary commercial center for online sell-offs. You can sell your wrecked TV yet don’t anticipate an incredible return. Everything you do is take some photographs of your thing, post them on the web, and satisfy the request yourself. However, it involves more work than simply dropping it off at a booth.

#2. GreenBuyback

GreenBuyback is a site that purchases utilized and additionally broken hardware. When you go to the site, who will provoke you to choose what electronics you might want to sell?

When you distinguish the item available to be purchased, you will be expected to finish up data concerning its condition; from there on, you will get a statement.

With this, you can sell broken tv for cash to anyone near you.

#1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great spot to sell broken or old gadgets. You don’t need to pay delivery costs; you can sell your messed-up TV locally using Craigslist.

Post your advertisement by choosing your city, then, at that point, click “Make a Posting” in the upper left corner. You can sell broken tv for cash here.

The amount Can I Sell My Broken TV?

How much money you can get for your messed-up television changes broadly by model, age, and condition.

A new Hisense H8G Quantum Series fresh out of the box will probably go at a significantly more significant expense than the 1986 General Electric Portable Color Tv. Also, if your tv is new, you may get up to 60% of the actual worth.

What to do With Broken TV?

It’s all right if you do not wish to sell your broken tv yet are still wondering what to do with the broken TV. There are countless other things you can do with a broken TV.

For instance, you give it out for free. It may be useless to you at the moment, but very useful to someone else. So, you can consider giving out your broken TV away for free.

Also, recycling your broken tv is another excellent idea, and You can contact any reusing office and drop it off with them.

You can think about returning your wrecked TV to the maker, particularly on the off chance that the producer acknowledges old TVs back.

Who Buys Broken TVs Near Me?

“Who buys broken TVs near me” depends on where you are at the moment. Interestingly, numerous declutter websites allow you to put up your broken TV for sale.

Some of these websites are mentioned in this article. Kindly read up and find the right one for you.


Try not to allow your old television to accumulate dust at home. Regardless of whether it’s wrecked, you could bring in some cash from it by selling them at the commercial centers on our rundown.



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