Marlon Wayans Net worth (updated 2022)

Total Worth$40 Million
50 years old
Date of BirthJuly 23, 1972
CountryNew York City, USA
Source of WealthEntertainment
CareerActor, Songwriter, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film Producer
Marital Status
Married to Angelica Zachary
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Marlon Wayans Net worth

Marlon Wayans has built a lot of influence and amassed wealth. He is an on-air personality, an actor, a screenwriter, a comedian, and a film producer. As of March 2022, Mariah Carey is worth $40 million.

Marlon Wayans is undoubtedly the hardest worker of the Wayans siblings. Wayans continues to produce material after more than three decades in the entertainment industry. He always works on new projects, writing and starring in films, television programs, and stand-up specials. He may be the youngest of the Wayans siblings, but he is currently the family’s biggest star. 

Who is Marlon Wayans?

Marlon Wayans is a name you should be familiar with if you are in the entertainment industry. Marlon Wayans is an American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. He is known for acting in family films that are best for making families chuckle. Marlon Wayans is a name you should be familiar with if you are in the entertainment industry. Marlon Wayans is an American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. He is known for acting in family films that are best for making families chuckle. 

Marlon Wayans is best seen for highlighting in films like G.I. Joe:

Scary Movie, The Rise of Cobra, A Haunted House, and sitcoms like Marlon and The Wayans Bros.

Marlon Wayans started his on-screen journey quite quickly, having come from a family from entertainment history. He had directors, screenwriters, comedians, and actors in his family. His first role in the entertainment industry started with him acting in a small role in the” I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” film.

He then started to grow slowly with the help of his family. At that point, he began to develop gradually with the assistance of his loved ones. He worked with his sibling Shawn Wayans who was likewise in media outlets, on a few tasks, including parody films White Chicks, Scary Movie, and Scary Movie 2.

Moving forward, Marlon Wayans began to find his feet. He starred in and contributed to writing and producing several award-winning films like- Fifty Shades of Black, A Haunted House, and House 2. In addition, Wayans was one of the founders of the urban comedy digital media company “What the Funny with Randy Adams.” 

As the years passed and he became more comfortable with his career, he started working on his projects. In 2017, Marlon Wayans created his sitcom, which aired on NBC in 2017 and 2018. He did the sitcom project with Christopher Moynihan.

What is Marlon Wayans Career Like?

First Decade in Career

Marlon Wayans went into the entertainment industry when he was just a teenager. He started with the pedestrian role in the 1988 American action-comedy-parody film “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” with his brother Keenen Ivory Wayans in the starring. 

Soon after, Marlon Wayans had a regular role in the American sketch comedy television series “In Living Color.” His brother Keenen created, wrote, and starred in this television series. The series began to air on Fox from April 15, 1990, to May 19, 1994. Marlon Wayans siblings Damon, Kim, and Shawn, played regular roles in the television series. 

This TV series filled in as an entryway towards giving Marlon Wayans the global acknowledgment he required. It won a few honors, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Comedy Series in 1990, or Music.

After being featured in the TV series “The Best of Robert Townsend & His Partners in Crime” in 1991, Marlon Wayans got his first starring role as a con man named Seymour Stewart on July 24, 1992; in the American crime-comedy film “Mo’ Money.” His brother, Damon, played the lead role in it and contributed as its writer. The film appeared at the highest point in the US film industry and accumulated more than $40 million in the North American film industry.

Continuing with different movies and TV jobs, Marlon emerged from his usual range of familiarity with average comedies. He demonstrated his acting ability and adaptability by depicting Tyrone C. Love in the widely praised American mental show film Requiem for a Dream.

Second Decade in Career

The film debuted on May 14, 2000, at the Cannes Film Festival. It was released in theatres in the US on October 27, 2000, after having its world debut on September 13, 2000, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After starring as Shorty Meeks in the American horror comedy Scary Movie, released on July 7, 2000, and its sequel Scary Movie 2, released on July 4, 2001, his popularity skyrocketed. Along with his brother Shawn, he co-starred in both films and contributed as a co-writer. Both films were directed by his brother Keenen and were box office smashes.

He and Shawn introduced the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, and he likewise did a play with Lars Ulrich on occasion hung on September 7, 2000, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. He featured alongside Tom Hanks in the Joel and Ethan Coen-coordinated American dark satire thrill-ride film The Ladykillers. The film turned into a film industry accomplishment upon its delivery on March 26, 2004.

Moving on, he co-wrote, produced, and appeared in two Shawn Keenen comedy films, White Chicks (2004) and Little Man (2006). Both films were box office smashes, boosting the Wayans brothers’ celebrity. Thugaboo, a series of children’s television programs produced by the Wayans, was initially shown on Nicktoons on August 11, 2006.

The American military-science-fiction-action picture G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, released on August 7, 2009, was Marlon’s third significant feature outside the comedy genre. He portrayed Wallace A. Weems/Ripcord in it, demonstrating that he can easily play both humorous and severe parts.

Third Decade in Career

The image debuted at the top of the box office, grossing more than $302 million worldwide on a $175 million budget. He starred as Malcolm Johnson in the American parody-comedy-horror film A Haunted House, released on January 11, 2013, and he also participated as a writer and producer.

Michael Tiddes was the director of the picture. Even though critics panned it, the film was a huge commercial success. Apart from contributing as a writer-producer, he reprised his role in the film’s 2014 blockbuster hit sequel, A Haunted House 2.

He starred as Special Agent Levy in the American buddy police action comedy film The Heat, alongside Sandra Bullock and others. It was released in the US on June 28, 2013, and became a box office phenomenon and received generally good critical reviews. From June 20, 2014, through August 15, 2014, he presented the American reality television game Funniest Wins, which aired on TBS.

He co-wrote, co-produced, and appeared as Christian Black in the American comedy film Fifty Shades of Black, directed by Michael Tiddes, released in theatres on January 29, 2016. The film made $22 million worldwide against a budget of $5 million and was a spoof of the American erotic-romantic-drama film Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). 

Marlon Wayans Early Life

On July 23, 1972, Marlon Wayans was born in New York City. He was the last of the children born to Howell Wayans, a supermarket manager, and Elvira Wayans, a homemaker. He has ten siblings who are all notable figures in the entertainment industry. 

The most notable children in the entertainment industry are Keenen- an actor, director, and writer; Damon- an actor and producer; Kim -an actress; and Shawn- an actor and writer. The family was Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Marlon Wayans Education

Marlon Wayans went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts in New York City. It was as though he already knew the path he wanted his life to take a right from when he was born. After completing high school, Marlon Wayans attended Howard University in Washington, DC.

Marlon Wayans Relationship Life

Wayans got married in 2005 to Angelica Zachary. Marlon and his wife started to have issues when he was caught cheating on her in 2013, and she reiterated her stance not to be with a cheating husband. The problem spiraled, and in 2013, the couple got a divorce. 

They maintain a cordial relationship and share custody of their children to date. Their tight, friendly, and loving bond has been one of the social media sensations. On her birthday, he shared a post on social media. “God is good to have blessed my life with you, So sweet, real, smart. You gave me two beautiful children, and despite all my f–k-ups, you remain in my life as one of my best friends. Love bends but has not broken….”

There have been rumors circulating that the famous actor has had other relationships with celebrities. In addition to being married, there have been rumors that the actor has been in relationships with many other well-known celebs. He is rumored to have dated American TV actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

It is uncertain how long the relationship went. He is rumored to have dated Tami Roman, Simply Jess, and Essence Atkins, all in the entertainment industry. Marlon Wayans keeps his personal life private, so most information is based on hearsay. 

Marlon Wayans Kids

Wayans right now has two youngsters: Angelica Zachary, his ex Shawn Howell Wayans brought into the world in 2002, and Amai Zackary Wayans brought into the world in 2000. He named his most memorable child, Shawn Howell, after his sibling Shawn Wayans and father, Howell Wayans.

How Much Salary does Marlon Wayans Earn?

Research from various websites has shown that Marlon Wayans has an estimated salary of $ 5 million in a year. In breaking it down-

  • His earnings from “I Can Do That!” amounted to over $5.5 million.
  • His profits from “The Heat” earned him $3.3 million.
  • Profits from “Any Means Necessary” earned him $7 million. 
  • Marlon Wayans other movies like the Marmaduke, A Haunted House, Norbit, Dance Flick, and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra helped him pile up over $10 million.

Marlon Wayans Net Worth

Marlon Wayans is estimated to have a net worth of about $40 million. He has earned this through his hard work and dedication to the entertainment industry. The $40 million as his net worth was accumulated from his career as an actor, screenwriter, comedian, and film producer.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Marlon Wayans?

Marlin Waylan is popularly known for acting, screenwriter, comedian, and screen producer. He has made a name for himself in the acting industry. 

How old is Marlon Wayans?

Marlon Wayans was brought into the world on July 23, 1972. Starting around 2022, he would be 50 years old.

How tall is Marlon?

The famous actor stands at six ft. 0½ in or 184 cm. For a man his age, he is very tall.

Is Marlon Wayans married?

No. Marlon Wayans was once married to Angelica Zachary in 2005, and in 2013, the couple divorced. Since then, there has been no Internet information on Marlon Wayans private life. 

How much is Marlon worth?

Marlon Wayans is worth approximately $2 million. This amount is due to his different career fields in acting and screenwriting. The entertainment industry generally is a field ground for him to make money. 

How much does Marlon make?

Marlon Wayans has an estimated annual earning/salary of $5 million.

Where does Marlon live?

In 2006, Marlon Wayans purchased a 4,127 Square feet residence for $1.525M. His home is rumored to have five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and he also owns a condo in the Broadway Hollywood building.

Is Marlon dead or alive?

As of date, Marlon Wayans is alive and in perfect health. There are currently no reports of his sickness or any health-related issues.

Where is Marlon Wayans now?

Marlon Wayans is still an active participant in the creative entertainment industry. 


Although Marlon has gone on to forge his path in life, it’s difficult to dispute that his elder siblings were instrumental in his early success. Today, Marlon Wayans is living the good life.