Best Websites Where Men Give You Money

Best Websites Where Men Give You Money

Are you looking for a place where you can cash out some bucks while having a delightful time with men? Here will find some of the best websites where men give your money.

In this article, we have listed some websites where men give you money. Do take your time to read through.

How Do You Enter Into The Dating Industry?

There are a variety of dating agencies that recruit people, and they operate in a variety of ways, including:

#1. Auction — With this dating website, a customer bids on a date for hire, with the highest bidder receiving the date.

#2. Classified Ad Style – This is a fully detailed ad that lists the time, location, and the advertiser’s budget for dates for hiring to apply.

#3. Dating App Format – Like popular apps like Tinder, profiles are fully completed but with additional dating restrictions, such as the date hirer’s ability to contact the date for hire only if they are a paying member.

How Much Money Can You Make Dating?

You can make somewhere on the scale of $50 to $500 every hour, and some dating administrations partake in the participation cost to assist with keeping their foundation running.

In this way, you have the opportunity and appreciate mingling; being a reputable organization could procure you $1000 or more for seven days. Because this industry is so arrogant, it is centered essentially around appearances, and you will get more appointments assuming you are believed to have more allure.

Popular Websites Where Men Give You Money

So here is a portion of the sites where men give you cash to date them. Have a swell time here.

1. Rent

Rent A Friend is a wonderful spot to meet new individuals and structure otherworldly associations while attending interesting occasions. A short application process is free, and installments start at $50 each hour. Start here!

2 . What’s your price

What’s Your Price is a closeout site where the most elevated bidder wins the principal date, as the name infers. I should recognize that this site is fundamentally worried about appearances, and the day for enlisting is redressed or, as referenced in their notice, “repaid for the work expected to get ready for a date.”


TourBar is a double-reason application where you can find a sidekick. You can show your potential date and the nearby milestones if you know a portion of the best positions to visit in your space.


One of the most famous destinations is Rent-A-Date, a whole participation site that acknowledges dates for lease. The hourly rate starts at $125.

5. Rent A Gent

What about one that recruits gentlemen for the ladies to keep things adjusted? Rent-A-Gent is presently employed in the United States and Canada, with pay beginning at $100 each hour.


There are two kinds of positions that can do on this site. These are the Phone visit administrator occupations and the Phone entertainer messaging position.
No matter your work, you will get compensated to converse with forlorn folks and talk with outsiders.
The organization has been working since 1987, spreading the word about its being famous and well on the lookout.
Therefore, you will be certain that they have a huge client base, a safe stage, and many work openings.
Another benefit of this business is that you could do all of the commitments, making it ideal for moms or housewives who wish to work from home.

7. What’s Your Price

Make your way for additional opportunities on What’s Your Price, where you can get compensated to go out on the town.
What’s Your Price is a tomfoolery dating local area where you can meet top-notch singles the nation over, go on great first dates, and win cash.
Whether you’re attempting to observe that unique individual or only searching for a date, What’s your cost is a simple, fun, and safe method for getting out there and meeting individuals.
If you’re an appealing young lady searching for a date and money-related pay for your time, this site might be a good fit for you.

8. Chat Operator Jobs

Chat Operator Jobs has qualified talk administrators prepared to do live text over the web to acquire 20 pennies for each visit.
You can deal with your timetable as little or however much you need. Visiting is fun as well!
Working for this association qualifies you as a sex visit administrator. Subsequently, a large number of the messages might incorporate sexual substances.
In any case, this doesn’t suggest that you should share recordings, pictures, or whatever else leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend is an informal community where you can bring in cash by being cordial. It is ideal for bringing in cash if you have great interactive abilities.
You approach a great many individuals able to burn through cash on fellowship. Here, everyone has various necessities and needs regarding kinship and daily encouragement.
Certain individuals need assistance tackling individual issues, making them grin, or simply an open ear for them. Whatever their need, there will be individuals prepared to pay you.
Bring in additional cash by becoming a companion/ally to desolate individuals on this progressive site.

10. Rent a Date

Rent-A-Date is a restrictive dating administration with men looking for wealthy dates for capabilities, get-togethers, pledge drives, and other excursions.
It’s a matchmaking administration where men can lease dates. Leasing dates from this assistance start at $125 each hour.
Meet the ones who lease dates at Rent A Date, where you can pick your buddy by their looks, interests, and side interests.
Peruse photographs of male individuals, then, at that point, visit with them before making your determination. Pick the date that works for you, occasionally accessible day or night.


Can you get paid to chat online?

Indeed, you can get compensated to visit the web.

How Much Can You Earn By Visiting Websites Where Men Give You Money?

How much money you can procure varies, depending on the sites you visit. Notwithstanding, you can make $50 – $500 each hour.

Types of Websites Where Men Give You Money

Classified Ad Style

Dating Sites


Which websites can I find men to give me money on?

1. Rent a date

2. Rent a friend

3. Lipservice

4. Chat Operator Jobs

5. What’s Your Price


I’m not sure how thorough these dating websites are. Just know there are precautions and standards to follow, and you must take appropriate safety precautions on your own.