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Which school in Old Bowenpally ?

Am wondering if someone can help me around come up with pros/cons of some of the schools I am thinking for my child.

On my options, I have -
1. Pallavi Model School.
2. St Andrews School.
3. DPS Diamond Point.
4. Suchitra Academy.

If somebody can help me in the decision making, will be grateful.


Pallavi model school Hashmatpet branch is decently priced with 100% results academically every year, one of the top CBSE school of Secunderabad and teachers are well trained and quiet good exposure to inter-school competition. Annal exams, 25marks, 10 marks exams are conducted right from LKG. But still lagging behind in overall development of child as have seen few children's with poor communication skills or english speaking skills. Students with not much command in GK. Not much exposure to sports. There might be seats still available in Pallavi.

St.Andrew's School Old Bowenpally is also a top school with lot of exposure to sports as school have very large play ground. Students are also exposed to lot of inter - School competitions. Previously it was a school also offering SSC syllabus but since from last 4 yrs they are following only CBSE syllabus. There's no annual exams conducted for students upto 4th standard and students below 4th standard are assessed on the basis of monthly tests. School is over crowded. There are 40 students in each class and only one teacher to handle.
For ex: I have heard from one parent about the class teacher who said that she can't look after every child whether they are copying everything correctly from the blackboard… So students have to be fast enough in writing and its parents job, who also has to work along with kid at home because the child of 2nd class was unable to keep her class work book upto date as she was slow.
Compare to Pallavi model school, St.Andrew's fees is high and even the average Andrew's kids are not great in english speaking skills.
St. Andrew's old bowenpally doesn't offer admission for classes from UKG to IVth

Delhi Public School Diamond Point - The Admission Process is already done.
DPS kids are great in speaking skill. School provides very good support for talented kids. DPS kids are exposed to lot of Inter School, National and Inter-National competitions. But Academically have heard from few parents that Pallavi is better than DPS Diamond point. Class rooms of DPS are not very well ventilated but has large play ground unlike Pallavi.

Suchitra Academy is a good international school with very good infrastructure compared to Pallavi, Andrew's or DPS but at the same time Fees is also high and low student-teacher ratio. Good results. School provides option for Parents and Kids, prior to admission they can send the child for 1 month without paying any fee and only if they are satisfied they can take admission.

Hope you find this information helpful. If still any queries please let me know.
Which school old bowenpally
Jain public school
St peters high school
Pallavi model schools
Which schools to prefers..kindly help.m on confusion
According to me best school ranking goes like:
1. Pallavi Model School
2. St Peters School
3. Jain Public School
4. Sunflower School
(03-02-2017, 02:42 PM)SchoolMod Wrote: According to me best school ranking goes like:
1. Pallavi Model School
2. St Peters School
3. Jain Public School
4. Sunflower School

Sir may i know on which basis u r said these ranks.may i know?? be clear.Thanks
These are the following criterias why i ranked pallavi best among those four schools
1.Pallavi model schools -  ranked as 127 by  EW(education world) ranking.Whereas the following other three schools stands nowhere in EW ranking. please check the link
2.Inter school competiton results where pallavi model school ranked as 10 wheresas other 3 schools are not in the ranking list
please check the following link
3.Pallavi model school of boduppal - Taekwondo students set Guiness world records.
4. Still Pallavi model school fee structure is low compared to other schools

St.Peters School - My friends son studies in St.peters and her daughter studies in Pallavi, from her i learnt that academically Pallavi is better than St.Peters as the teachers are not well trained in St.Peter's. Fees of St.Peters is higher than pallavi

Jain Public School - Though the campus is very good, i have heard from few parents complaining about management and teachers that they dont keeep their promises and doen't provide extra curricular activities to the mark they describe during admission process.

Sunflower School - Good at extra- curricular activities, provides help and support to the students but still has to achieve more academically.

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