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Teaching Basic Subtraction to Nursery - LKG
Without much further delay, let's get started on basic subtraction given the background we have on doing addition. If not, read more here - Actually, subtraction is simpler in some sense. This exercise is aimed at helping Nursery to LKG students gain an intuitive understanding of subtraction. For the below, it's assumed that the child knows how to count and write numbers.

Step-by-Step guide:

All the sections below described should be done at your child's learning pace.

Counting and dealing with physical objects -

  •     Start your child with counting first. It's important to know counting before you start on addition.
  •     Start your child with things they can see and feel like chocolates, chalk-pieces, clothes, soaps etc.
  •     Ask your child to count number of chocolates they have, number of toys they have.
Making the child understand the keyword "Take away" -

Make your child understand what it means to "Take away" or "Drop" things to ensure they have the concept in the head well-understood.

Start with examples like below:

Place 4 chocolates on the table and tell your child to count if you "Take away" 2 chocolates or "Drop" 2 chocolates in his/her pocket.

A very important thing for the child to understand here is whenever we "Take away" or "Drop", the number of things reduce.

Writing numbers on paper -

Start asking the child a question like below :
"Box has 4 chocolates, if I "take away" 2 chocolates out of it - how many are left in the box" ?

Ask him/her to write down on paper - 4 on left side and 2 on right side or 4 on the top and 2 on bottom.

Place objects -

Ask the number on the left side to place those many chocolates in a box or on table. Now, ask them to "Take away" the number of chocolates written on right or bottom side and count the remaining.

By the end of the exercise, your child has already learnt how to do basic subtraction.

Hope of you found this article helpful.
Woah! Thank you for sharing, admin.
I think this is can help me so much to teach my students, maybe I will practice it later.

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