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St Michel school ,old alwal n ochrid play school in old alwal
Want to know about st Michel school Old alwal n ochrid play school old alwal.      
St Michel School offers classes from Pre-Primary to X and for Pre-Primary School they follow Montessori Method. From Class I onwards they follow cbse syllabus. St Michel is a good school but if you are looking for Pre-Primary section Orchids would be a better choice. Orchids Offers classes from Toddler to pp2 i.e, for age group between 1.5yrs to 5.5yrs. My Brother's kids studied from Oi Play Hyderabad.. They use to love their school. Play Schools generally provide colorful, stress free environment with lots of events yearly scheduled every month.. kids love those colors, toys, events and stress free environment. You can opt for traditional school from Grade I on. Other two important factor to consider while choosing school is Location, near school to be preferred & Fee structure
@Jyoti Singh - Does above help ? Are you looking for any specific thing ?

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