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Schools go strict on punctuality - Hyderabad

Geetanjali Olympiad School, Meridian School and Other Schools management statement

Geetanjali Olympiad School discouraged students who came late to school. The school’s action has been welcomed by other school managements as they said it was a good practice to ensure discipline.

Anita, administration officer of Geetanjali school said,“If school buses can reach 15 mins earlier, we expect the same from all students. We do allow students before prayer time. discipline is more important.”

Meanwhile, parents blamed delays on heavy traffic and road blocks.

Usha Reddy, the principal of Meridian School, said, ‘’A grace period of about 15mins can be given to students due to traffic snarls. But if it becomes a habit, then it would be discouraged. Punctuality is a virtue and school gates cannot be left open for security reasons.

Source - Deccan Chronicle


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