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My name is brunda and my two sons aged 4 and 10 study class V and LKG at the above school and as a Mother and upto the best of my knowledge.. BPS stands one among the best and affordable ones under that area.

Even though there are other prominent names surrounding, this one is considered as OKAY with very less complaints. It has got ample play ground to play and also focus on extra co-curricular activities along with the CBSE Curriculum. Recently they got affilicated with CBSE and got their number as well. Affilation number is 3630240

Management of the school is one strong assett which i feel is the strength and over the years... i feel that this school is neither too expensive nor too standards poor. They had tried their best to provide whatever facilities a school should have and often they conduct Sports Day and Science Fairs as well.

Kids are being shaped to cultivate their interpersonal skills as well alongwith regular studies and ofcourse my opinion may conflict with other parents where my son who is performing well based on collective contribution done by us and school teachers as well. 

Best Regards
Mother of Veda Vyas and Rutvikesh at Brigade Public School@ ATTAPUR, HYDERABAD

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