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Montessori or Playway
Playschools have different teaching methodologies, some provide Montessori and some Playway. Parents are really confused as to which one is better for their child. Below article tries to bring in the comparison of these two methodologies which may help in your decision making.

Montessori methodology

Salient features -
a. Activity based learning.
b. Discovery or contructivism model i.e. how we make meaning out based on the interactions between experiences and ideas.
c. Kids freely move within classroom.
d. Requires a trained Montessori teacher.
e. Four key areas - practical life, sense organs, language and maths skills.

Playway methodology

Salient features -
a. Learning through play.
b. Casual environment.
c. Freedom for instructors and they combine different techniques into the curriculum.


1. Montessori way of teaching cannot be emulated easily at home as it needs training on methodology.
2. Montessori doesn't encourage writing skills whereas playway have some defined modules on writing.
3. Montessori puts a lot of stess on discovery model which encourages creativity. Playway has activities too, but are not as rigorous as Montessori.
4. Montessori has a standardized curriculum and methodology. Playway is different at various playschools and they mix various techniques.

So, which methodology should you prefer ?

It depends. There is no one size which fits all.

Montessori education is time-tested and encourages creativity, but this can't be easily carried out at higher classes as most schools don't provide it. If you feel your child isn't doing so well with Playway, one should definitely try out Montessori playschools. In the end, what's most important irrespective of methodology is how competent the instructors are and the methods are well implemented.

Hope you liked this article. Please comment below if you have more or better insights. We will love to hear.

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