Poll: Kv1. Vs lfjc school ln Uppal which is best school
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Kv1 school
2 66.67%
Lfjc school
1 33.33%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Kv1 vs lfjc school in uppal
Which is the best school i Uppal kv1. Vs lfjc school
In my opinion, both are good schools. If I have to pick one - will pick KV1 Uppal for the cost reasons i.e. if you can almost get similar level of education, why not go for a lower fee ?
Though both the schools provides good education but i will prefer little flower school because i know its difficult for us to get admission in kendriya vidyalaya and little flower school is ranked as 26th among the schools of Hyderabad.
@Lavanya Banala - Have you made a choice and if so, what was it ?. Let us know so that others can benefit from it.
No iam waiting for some other decisions.
@Lavanya Banala - Let us know once you make the final decision so that other parents can learn. Thanks.

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