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Have a look at your kids mindset!
Most parents feel a lot of pressure in bringing up children. We are shaping future of kid, we want our kids to be best among others, We are worried what type of person our child will grow up to be. Most of us resolve never to make what we see as the mistakes our parents made, but no parent is perfect. Lets go back in our childhood and brush up few moments we spent along with our parents to understand our kids psychology. 

Look into those little eyes that look up at you as they think you are perfect and more than enough but are we standing upto their expectations or stressing them out for not scoring enough in exams.

Look at those little hands that reach out to hold you as they think you are the strongest and they think you can conquer the world but most of us   are stressing out our kids for not conquering our peer hearts. 

Look at those facial expressions after eating the food you gave them as they think that you are the best because their bellies are full but most of us gives angry facial expressions for not being best in discipline.

Look at those little hearts that reach out to touch yours as they don’t want anything more but just you because you are enough and more than enough but we as a parent working hard, struggling and spending more on our kids so our child performance may it be academically or in extra curricular activities is just not enough for us.

This stress and pressure on child will change him from happy-go-lucky to low on energy and gets dejected. Parents tend to miss out on recognising the issue at this stage. The only way to work around on such an issue for parents is to simply open up and cut down our expectations and work on our kids strengths.

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