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Best Play schools in Maredpally
Hi Asha Reddy!

According to your search for best school in and around Maredpally, I am updating list of few Daycare Schools
1. Esperanza Pre School at East Maredpally
2. Kotwal's Montessori Pre School at West Maredpally
3 .Oi Play School (Oakridge Franchise) at East Maredpally
4. Smart Kids Play School at East Maredpally
5. Abhyasa Play School at Sainikpuri
6. Bachpan Play School at East Maredpally
7. Kidzee at Malkajgiri
8. Edify Kids at Trimulghery

These are the few top play schools but i suggest you to select the play school which is nearer to your home and if you need details of any particular play school among these schools do let me know.
Can u please tell me the fee structure of the schools? Oi play school n top 4 schools?

And thanku so much for the quick reply
Hi Asha Reddy!

Here are the approx Fee structure and few details of the following four schools.

1. Esperanza Play School: Fee Structure approx.1,20,000 
Charges fee based on the chosen "Time slot" and "Frequency" and not as per the child's age.
  • Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG - 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday
  • Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG - 9am to 8pm - Monday to Saturday
  • Fee has to be paid on a Term basis or Annually. 
    Term 1 - June to September - Fee Due Date (3rd May)
    Term 2 - October to January - Fee Due Date (3rd Sep)
    Term 3 - February to May - Fee Due Date (3rd Jan)
2.Kotwal's Montessori Pre School: Approx.1,00,000

3. Oi Play School: Fee Approx.75,000 per Annum excluding Transportation

4. Smartkidz play School: Fee Approx.20,000 per Annum
Children are admitted to the Montessori Programme at 2 ½ years of age and complete the Montessori course at 6+.
Toddlers are admitted at 20 months. A child may be admitted to the school at any time during the year, depending on availability.
I Suggest you to select play school based on 
  1. How nearer is the school from your home
  2. Whether the class rooms are well ventilated or not?
  3. Student - Teacher Ratio
  4. Student - Aaya Ratio
  5. Some schools say they have CCTV which in few schools are just for name sake and actually don't work
  6. Transportation facility
  7. Indoor or Out Door play area. Few school's doesn't have play area
Hope You'll find the best School For your Baby!
Thanku so much for the information. I stay at picket. Please give me the details of other schools as well listed above.
Hi Asha Reddy

Kangaroo Pre - School is just 1km away from Picket. kangaroo has been ranked among India's top Pre - School chain.
Decently priced approx. 40,000.

Address: Krishna Nagar,Picket,,Near Karkhana,Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Phone no: 04064647979/7702711197


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