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Bedtime stories

Art of Bedtime storytelling

A bedtime story is something we all do, but still we don't do a great job at it. Below are some tips and tricks how to improve and make it useful for your child.

What are the advantages of storytelling at bed time ?

  • It sets a routine.
  • Calms the child.
  • Improves imagination.
  • Increases bond between the child and the storyteller.

How do we pick stories ?

We generally have our own collection of stories heard from somewhere or read. But, very soon we run out of stories.

Our kids love stories and while doing it - we can try to make these sessions very informative and educative for them.

How to be effective at storytelling ?

1. Pick your stories from site like or better buy a book which has collection of stories(). Books could give you an organized way to do story a day for the next year(i.e. 365 days) and not worry about the story next day.

Popular categories of books among kids -

Panchantantra stories -

Jungle stories -

Fairy tales -

Indian mythology -

365 Moral stories -

2. Give a structure to the story so that it gets easier -
   a. Characters.
   b. Plot.
   c. Moral.

3. Think about the main characters of the story and talk about it's attributes in detail.

4. Discuss the main plot and end the story with a moral.

Hope you found the article helpful and happy storytelling.

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