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Advice on St Francis school in secunderabad
Anyone knows how is the school ?
Hi Nisha Gandhi!

St. Francis Convent School -
Offers CBSE Syllabus
Located at Rasoolpura
Fee Structure around - 12000 per annum

St. Francis Girls High School -
Offers SSC (State Syllabus) and one of the Oldest Schools of Twin Cities Established somewhere in 1960's
Located at St.Francis Street, Sebatian Road.
Fee Structure approx - 30,000 per annum.
Infrastructure does include basic facilities like Libraray, Canteen, Computer lab etc and school does provides transportation too..
School doesn't offer much of co-curricular activities. Great in terms of English Communication Skills.
Now a days it is one of the best schools for education becoz of less fee structure with standard studies compare to others schools.any type of people can study here.there is an equal importance to all and did not find difference among poor and daughter now studying in 6th since lkg.she want to continue till degree there itself.she likes her school very kind suggestion to all.instead of spending lakhs of money please go through this school which is also giving good education .thank u all
@Nisha Gandhi - Is there anything particular you want to know about the school ?
Thanks all for your valuable information. No nothing for now. I will let you know if I need to know more.Thanks again!

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