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Advice on Nasr School at Khairtabad
Hello Najmul Hassan Kazmi!

Nasr is one of the best school of Hyderabad and it could be the best option for your baby.. It is one of the oldest school of hyderabad. Three of my Friends are from Nasr and all are Doctors among them one of my friend is practicing in America. I can tell you with confidence go ahead with Nasr, you will not regret.. School provides very good education.. Teachers are really nice and well trained... Two teachers are appointed for each section. Teachers focus a lot on communication skills and help kids to overcome their weakness. Focus on Overall development of child and provides extra help for talented kids. Kids are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities like dance, arts, music, sports etc. Parents have an option to interact with teachers weekly and learn about their kids performance regularly! Hope this helps you.. If you need any particular information lemme know..

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